The determination of a fashion designer makes the difference for creations that are conceived as masterpieces. Each cut, fold, color selection and detail of the dress has the signature and character of the artist.

That is why determination, confidence and consistency are key characteristics in an industry that demands constant reinvention.

What is determination in fashion? 

Determination is the driver of fashion through history, from retro designs to luxurious and complex spandex lace patterns. Just like in art, business, runways, music or life in Miami for a fashion designer is all about focus and never giving up.

For Fausto Altamirano, firmness of purpose was necessary to achieve long-term goals. This is how a great designer managed to build a recognized brand within the demanding standards of haute couture.

Determination means clinging to the future without getting lost along the way or by the pass of time. It's not just about staying positive by holding on to work for a week, two months, or a year. It is doing it throughout the years.

A designer must be determined, brave and enterprising. In addition, one must have passion and perseverance while remaining true to itself and showing respect for new ideas and inspirations.

Perseverance and creativity

There are two different sides when we apply determination to our creativity. Firstly, every step of a fashion show is accompanied by hours of trial and error. This is where constancy plays a key role.

People give a lot of consideration to what they wear. They always look for new shapes, views and lines in each dress. 

As a fashion designer, Fausto Altamirano brought harmony and creativity to cocktail dresses, gowns, swimwear and other luxury apparel of the Miami lifestyle.

But Baccio's success and popularity is due not only to a strong sense of haute couture, but also to a strong will. Innate talent, cultivated at each stage of a professional career is only one part of success. The other is resilience, courage and perseverance.

Looking to the future

After years of coming up with innovative designs and new proposals, determination remains key that gives meaning to new Baccio collections. Why?

Dresses are not made overnight. Behind every creation there is great effort to represent new shapes and concepts. In this sense, Baccio is distinguished for the thousands of luxury pieces that Fausto Altamirano has already delivered to the world.

But this is certainly just the beginning. Looking to the future, Baccio proposes the cocktail dresses and gowns that people should be wearing. That is the vision that allows a true fashion designer to craft any piece into success.

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