As Miami gets ready to receive tennis stars from around the world, Fashion from our magic city is ready to be showcased along the culture, the food, and the arts for all the visitors to see.

South Florida is a known magnet for luminaries, and while the competition might be fierce, our extraordinary women are ready to play in and out of the court.

While we also celebrate women’s history month, let’s remember that “Well behaved women have seldom made history” as said by the scholar Mrs. Thatcher Ulrich. It’s in this spirit of rebellion and character, that Fausto Altamirano finds inspiration for his couture brand Baccio. His muses are the powerful amazons that see in custom made luxury, the true representation of their uniqueness and style.

Baccio designer fashion is defined by intricate craftsmanship. Wearable art pieces, that cannot be reproduced mindlessly at some foreign factory, but are instead created in his Miami based atelier for the discerning eye.

During and after the games, Baccio Haute Couture will be the natural choice for the woman who will say and do what’s on her mind at any cocktail party. A handcrafted kimono or a jewel neck dress is the kind of exclusive attire that she’ll wear confidently in the runway or the Yatch club, among a sea of Tennis white and navy blues.

A Baccio dress is not meant to blend in the crowd. From a sexy black dress to the silk tunics, his hand painted creations are adorned with an exuberant palette and exquisite crystallized details, hugging your silhouette in elegant fabrics that will be noticed at your next soiree.

It might seem that the world is covered in gray right now, but let the Caribbean sun remind you during this tournament, that a brush of color lives in you. Baccio Couture will be your stamp of luxury whenever you find yourself celebrating the winning champion under the neon lights and the palm trees.


Dress like a star with Baccio by Altamirano.


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