The black dress will never go out of style. For important events or a casual dinner, this is the fashion item that you can never miss in your wardrobe. Without age, trend, or limits, dresses in black will always be an excellent alternative to shine at an important event.

Today we tell you how to combine them on each occasion so that you dress like a star.

Black dress: an alternative for any event

As an exceptional icon of fashion, glamour, and elegance, the black dress has taken the red carpet as well as small events around the world. We all use this color at some point. Because of its versatility and class, it is perfect to use in any type of celebration.

Top total outfits with a black dress

With colored shoes

Wearing colored shoes with your black dress is like looking at the sky on a full moon night: a beautiful flash in the middle of the darkness. They can be red, beige, blue, or purple. The color is up to you. The important thing is that these shoes highlight the elegance and class of your dress.

But beware! If your dress has too many details, better go the safest way with always black accessories. You don't want to look too overloaded.

Color shoes for simple dresses!

Play with the length

Depending on the dressing indications of your event, you can make your outfit more dynamic, playing with the length of your dress. Forget the traditions and start playing with the length to the mid-calf, to the knee, or a length beyond your ankles.

Forget about traditional cuts and play with modern designs

Pick a design that highlights your figure

One of the reasons why the black dress is a garment always in trend is because it helps to highlight the curves and look slimmer. You just have to choose the textures well, to give more prominence to certain areas of the body. 

For example, to highlight your features, you can use lace or more elaborate textures. While, if your goal is to look thinner and more delicate, you can use smooth textures and materials such as satin or silk, perfect to underline your figure.

No matter what your goal is, wearing a black dress is a guarantee that you will look famous and shine all night. Just do not forget to complement your look with accessories, shoes, and other complements according to the occasion.

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