The joy of beauty

The Miami Summer is a dream come true for many women ready to bask in the Sun. The city, its nightlife, and the crystalline waters of its beaches invite the bold and the beautiful to immerse themselves into the rhythms of the Magic City.

But perhaps you don’t live in Florida. Perhaps your summer will be enjoyed at extravagant pool parties that demand a statement of couture and glamour, far from the shores of the Caribbean sea. Maybe you’ll lounge on the deck of a cruise ship, o you’ll be tasting fancy cocktails at a new resort.

Miami swim fashion

No matter the occasion, whether at the pool or a lake, you’ll need a splendid bathing suit that is not only chic and comfortable for casual gatherings when the dress code is an elegant bikini top. The design must also be upscale, uniquely made to reveal your magnificence.

Your dream bikini exists at Baccio. Find luxury within a broad selection of swimsuits made of sparkling details with refined and unique textures. Elegant creations intricately adorned with Swarovski crystals. The shimmering effect you’re looking for is an artisanal treasure made with lavish fabrics and sophisticated adornments.

Women´s fashion design

Baccio designs swimwear with the mark of exclusive couture that exhibits your sophisticated and fearless elegance.

Be swimsuit ready and buy this look. Catch the wave of luxurious beachwear with the new and gorgeous bikinis of Baccio.


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