How far can dreams go? And who makes the dreams happen? For the Met Gala, these questions lie at the heart of the 2022 theme” In America: An Anthology of Fashion”

For this year, in celebration of American ingenuity throughout different eras, various designers and trendsetters will exhibit daring and unique pieces that will inspire millions to push the envelope and dare to stand out. Not everyone will be in attendance or exhibiting, but everyone, everywhere will notice. When does an art piece become wearable?

Fortunately, just as the ancients had the library of Alexandria, for fashionistas worldwide, there’s Vogue magazine, which organizes this exclusive soiree on the first Monday in May. For one night only, the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York, welcomes renowned guests and celebrities to its annual fundraising gala. Everyone who is obsessed about haute couture, understands this evening is meant for this and so much more.

Baccio Couture shares this spirit of glamour and joy. Despite the challenges of this new decade, one should welcome every special night with gilded designs for a roaring era. Party gowns that celebrate style for the sake of beauty. So, pour yourself a glass of champagne and make this night yours at

An outstanding dress is waiting for you. Perhaps it’s made of sumptuous fabrics and feathery details, or hand painted and embellished with crystals. Find the perfect match for your very own gala and, in honor of this fantastic event, make your fashion dreams come true.

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