Season after season, swimsuits take on new stunning silhouettes, fabrics, and innovative printing techniques. Barely-there bikinis, tie shapes, soft-to-touch fabrics, and pastel colors are some of the features that have been taking over.

Now on the final stretch of the year, let’s take a look at the most shocking trends of 2021 in swimwear and sunbathing apparel.

Floss Straps

When narrowing tan lines has been the objective, swimsuits featuring super thin straps have proven to be a perfect solution. These floss straps provide less coverage of the skin and therefore more even and complete sunbathing.

Barely-there bikinis and Brazilian type bottoms

Though one could track it down into the 1980s, the Brazilian thong bottom is definitely trending right now. This is a new episode of the ongoing movement towards less cloth, less conservative bikinis.

Though it started with fashion girls and influencers, suddenly, everybody is trying out this comfy new approach on bottom parts. Some say once you go into micro-thong bottoms, you never go back.

Tie Shapes

A tie shape is precisely what it suggests: body swimsuits in the shape of a tie. Literally, this new version of the belted swim style pretends to run only vertically. It provides an elegant look, as the tie wraps around the waist to accentuate body details.

New Animal Swimsuits

New animal print patterns are completely harmless but still manage to look absolutely savage. While combining with more minimalistic techniques, they just don’t fall into that overloaded category anymore.

Instead, animal prints now seem more artistic and classy without losing their seductiveness. 

Soft-to-touch Fabrics

Finally, swimsuits have embraced one of their ever crucial senses: touch. Probably one of the consequences of staying most of 2020 at home, comfort, and softness have become a must in bikini design.

Soft fabrics and new textures (including some old revivals) have been explored all throughout 2021, and clients have picked them over wisely. Surprise: soft-to-touch fabrics won’t be going anywhere for some time.

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