The world of fashion is like a vicious cycle: everything comes back. Thus, some classics have returned to become popular again during 2022. This is a year in which everything that is old and vintage is once again a trend.

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Fashion users, as well as the world's great designers, have fallen in love with the idea of "old being new again". This makes a lot of sense in a fashion world that seeks to be more and more ecological each day.

That’s why the purchase of oversized coats, wide pants, white shoes, and lace and colored tops are once again taking over the great fashion capitals.

From the cities to the great catwalks of the world

Since 2018, in the great runways of the world, the 80’s have become relevant again. Points, big shoulder coats, combined with super-highlight and dark makeup have been just some of the details that announced the great return.

Big brands around the world are making colors, glitter, and extravagant coats part of their repertoire. For this reason, you will see how even the classic hairstyles of the eighties will be part of that 'total outfit' during 2022.

Essential fashion garments in 2022

To organize all your looks this year, you must have some basic clothes in your closet that will give you that touch you need to look fashionable. Here we present the most important ones.

A leather upper

With a leather coat, hopefully oversized, you can dress up any outfit according to the trends of the moment. From a night dress to a casual look with jeans and sneakers, you will look perfect with this garment.

Bodysuit with some textures

Wearing a bodysuit with different textures and colors will be an ideal piece to wear on any occasion. For example, at an elegant dinner or to go out with friends. It all depends on how you combine it.

Short dresses & tops

Wearing midi skirts with crop tops or short dresses is an easy way to dress up any evening look this year because these articles are taken directly from the eighties runways. Even more, if you use it during the summer accompanied by some good platforms!

Dress like a star with Baccio by Fausto Altamirano.

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