No matter what your 'body type' is, amongst all of Baccio's swimsuit designs you will always find one that makes you look beautiful and full of glamour. Learn how to pick the model that best suits your tastes and interests. 

Let 's get started!

What is your goal?

You must choose the shape and design of your swimsuits depending on what you want and the features you want to highlight. This is because, with a Baccio over your skin, your body will turn into the style of garment you are wearing.

To do this, you must first identify your body type. Here are the commonly known standard types:

  • Triangle: thin shoulders and wide hips.
  • Inverted triangle: broad shoulders and skinny legs
  • Hourglass: wide chest and hips, slim waist.
  • Rectangle: symmetrical hip, chest, and waist
  • Pear: broad chest, hips, and slim waist.

After identifying your body type, you must choose the garment that most flatters your figure. We'll tell you what types of swimsuits you can use according to your body type and personal interests. 


We start with this jewel: this is the article that suits everyone. In this case, it doesn't matter what your body type is so it is kind of the exception to the rule. With a one-piece swimsuit, you will have the opportunity to shape your body just the way you want it.

You will have to pay attention to the specific design of each model to know if you’re getting a high, medium, or low waist, as well as the depth of the neckline.


The bikini is a classic for a day at the beach or the pool. Depending on the details, the neckline and the height of the bottom can shape your figure in different ways. For pear-shaped, hourglass, or triangle-type bodies, it is advisable to wear tights that will help deepen your curves.

Pieces with bangs 

Swimsuits with bangs and quirky details on top are perfect for rectangular or inverted triangle bodies. And this is because they help to highlight the most featured curves of each body.

Are you ready to choose the garment that best suits your body and personality? We will help you! 

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