A short dress and a good pair of boots are matchy per se, whether it is ankle boots or long boots. Nevertheless, there are a couple of guidelines that you should bear in mind to get the most of this outfit. 

For example, the color selection can never be random; it has to follow that of the pairing garment. The same applies to the type and style of the boots chosen. Also, the general look should highlight special features of the body, like long legs (or even make them look longer).

Styling a colorful short dress

Bright-colored, radiant dresses are a must this season. Once you get your own, you must make sure that you have the right footwear to combine with. Brown leather boots are the right pick for a vivid, flowing short dress.

Baccio suggests that you go for ankle boots in neutral colors such as brown and black. You will realize they will go well with all of your best flamboyant dresses.

Heel boots and a tight dress

If you want your legs to look long and sexy, there’s a little trick that could come in handy. Combine a tight dress with high heel boots for a look that will hypnotize. Imagine yourself wrapped in a little black dress, rocking a total black outfit.

Note: to look more chic and sophisticated try heels as slender as possible. As long as you can manage to walk, dance, and keep your pose, of course. Nothing matters more than your body language.

¿Formal or casual? Outfits for different occasions

Remember that boots, like dresses, can fit different occasions, varying from special parties to relaxed or casual events. How can you manage to nail it in every place you go? 

It’s simple. For a special event, you can pick thigh-high boots with a slim short dress. On the contrary, if you are just going out during the daytime or want to feel relaxed, try combining chunky boots with long sleeves. One advantage of chunky boots is that they can give your legs a svelte appearance.

One thing is certain: if you are wearing a Baccio you will always look interesting and intriguing. Our pieces are just quality. Feel the difference. 

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