Your prom dress is a matter of absolute importance. We're talking about what you'll wear on one of the most amazing nights of your life. But we must not only dwell on this point, but also on the accessories that you can use to look like the most radiant star of the night.

There is an option that never fails: combine black with gold. These are two colors that go very well with the night. Together, they have class. They form a set that everyone likes. If you choose well, it is clear that all the photos will look for you.

Prom Dress: Two options to combine black and gold

Your prom dress needs some jewelry and accessories to finish looking spectacular. Here we bring you some variants so that you can begin to imagine your look in the event of your life.     

LIZ Black Dress with gold jewelry 

The LIZ has spandex laces that will make your figure shine. It is an elegant dress, which will make you look more adult. To combine it with gold jewelry, you could wear a tight necklace around your neck, and a chain around your waist. It wouldn't hurt to wear a watch.

Other important details are the rings and bracelets. Decorate your hands and arms to increase the amount of glamour.

Becky Sequin Painted Black with gold accessories

Becky is a true Hollywood prom dress and will look mesmerizing with gold accessories. Imagine wearing this dress wearing a gold leather bag, and matching glasses. You can complement it with a little glitter at the time of makeup, to give a final touch to an unforgettable look.  

Wearing a black prom dress is a guarantee of success, and even more so if you give it the right company. Enjoy the dream night, looking like a dream.

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