Your next swimsuits should respond to the impact you want to generate: if you want someone's eyes to fall on you, if you want to spend an afternoon with your family, or if you want to feel fashionable and good about yourself. We know that when you buy a garment, these details matter to you.

At Baccio, we respond to this need by giving you the best advice. We have a design for each of these situations. Choose how you want to look when you show up at the pool or beach. Choose to be fashionable when showing yourself to the world.

Swimsuits: three top designs to shine brighter than sun

Your new swimsuits can be made of different materials and textures. They can be very small bikinis or cover a good part of your body. The most important thing is to know what results you want to obtain, and what is the use that you are going to give it. Remember that each occasion has its magic.

Lula One Piece Crystal Black-Grey

This little beauty will make you look stylish at any family gathering. These swimsuits will give you a touch of distinction, without ceasing to be a trend. You will never find such a balanced mix between looking attractive and being sophisticated.       

Ivana bikini set Black & Silver

Your swimsuits will leave you at the top of fashion for several seasons. This is a design that looks amazing all over the world. It is perfect to wear it on paradisiacal beaches, while you meet someone. It also has its charm to wear it to a party, where you will surely not go unnoticed.

Lula One Piece Full Crystal White

This piece is so delicate that you will not stop looking at yourself in the mirror. It is an ideal garment to love yourself for who you are. Use it to feel good about yourself. She wears very sensual and elegant transparencies, which will make you feel unique wherever you go. Try the feeling of freedom that this swimsuit offers.

With which you stay? 

Feel good with your body covering it with style. Dress like a model with Baccio by Fausto Altamirano.

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